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Instrument of self-regulation

ISPA Code of Conduct
Entry into force:
Type of document:
Code of Conduct
Geographical scope:
Content-related scope:
journalistic ethics
Related areas:
consumer rights,
data protection / privacy,
freedom of information,
personality rights,
youth protection

This Code of Conduct and the related documents were formally adopted by ISPA during its Annual General Meeting on 2002-09-12. Significant revisions were made by the Code of Conduct working group on 2007-01-31, 2007-12-04, 2008-02-21 and again on 2008-07-13 in order for the Code of Conduct to comply with the guidelines for the recognition of an Industry Representative Body in terms of the ECT Act. This revised Code of Conduct was formally adopted by ISPA on 2008-08-22.

The Code contains rules regarding Freedom of expression, Privacy and confidentiality, Consumer protection and provision of information to customers, Standard terms and conditions, Unsolicited communications ("spam"), Cyber crime, Protection of minors, Lawful conduct, Internet standards and the Compliance with the code.

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