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Organisation of self-regulation

Stichting Reclame Code
Based in:
The Netherlands
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Related areas:
consumer rights,
youth protection

For over 40 years the Advertising Code Authority has been the body dealing with the self-regulating system of advertising, which means that the advertising industry takes responsibility for the content and distribution of advertising messages. The three parties that constitute the advertising industry (advertisers, advertising agencies and the media) have formed an agreement regarding the rules with which advertising messages should comply. They also assume responsibility for the timely correction and/or suppression of conflicting advertising messages. The freedom of advertising is maintained, as the advertising industry takes the responsibility. Consequently the government is prevented from issuing general advertising bans or imposing far reaching legal restrictions.

On behalf of the industry, and in the best interest of the consumer and advertiser, the Advertising Code Authority encourages sensible and responsible advertising in the Netherlands. The rules, advertising has to comply with, are to be found in the Dutch Advertising Code. Anyone who feels that an advertisement violates the Dutch Advertising Code may submit a complaint to the Advertising Code Committee.

The Advertising Code Committee is the independent body, which swiftly and effectively decides whether an advertisement conflicts with the Advertising Code.

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